Your right vs My Right

Today, I got into a interesting conversation with my friend. It started with a common question about ‘Job satisfaction’ and what it is supposed to be and what I used to think about it.

You see the word ‘satisfaction’ itself varies from person to person and there can never be an objective declaration on what should be considered as satisfactory. The debate ended with my friend declaring me that you are wrong if you think you are satisfied as that would mean you are not looking to grow yourself, explore new opportunities and has become static. So, that would mean that no one among us is satisfied with what they do and we should never consider it be the case.

The concept has become common among my peer group, young individuals embarking for a corporate journey (which also explains y government employees are considered satisfied). Of-course, we miss the simple point of satisfaction- which is being happy and content in one’s present state of mind. How can we ? That’s so idealistic, we can never achieve that. This is where we are wrong. The satisfaction is an ever changing flow, some days you are happy with your work, some day’s you’re not but waking up every single day for something and not being satisfied by it is pretty miserable , right !

Every one of us can be satisfied no matter where we are, at what level we are, the question is a general statement to a sinusoidal wave set emotional nature of our life and at a point it could be good or bad, but is it worth your time & effort you put in ? If yes, then you are satisfied, if not you are at the wrong place. It doesn’t matter what’s right as per the common trend, rather is it right for you.

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