Secret Of LIFE by walter mitty !!


Ben Stiller, 48 has made a brilliant piece of work.The canvas, the freshness of scenes, realistic, creative,unusually funny at times,and most importantly reflects the situation of a 21st century working class people.It clearly reminded me of “Into the wild” (which I loved it )but this one takes you to think about yourself.
Walter mitty works in a magazine who daydreams about living in a fantasy world where he is brave, romantic, heroic and basically everything a common man achieves to be.He loves a girl but couldn’t do anything because his life is so blank of thrust of adventure and adrenaline to ask him out.

Suddenly his life turns upside down and he is looking for someone Sean Penn, 53( least role in this film). It makes him go to places which he dreams of doing but never did.The scenes from Iceland and Himalayas were beautiful and breathtaking.
It isn’t perfect, maybe sloppy at times but intention is clear and message is sent for those who are looking for a purpose in life.To the right person this movie is Inspirational, life-changing and may give you a reason in life, I found one maybe you will too..!!!

Highly recommended-

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