#Seek the truth Yourself


Finally got to watch “The fifth estate” starring Benedict Cumberbatch, 37  and Daniel Berg. Though I must say after the allegations made by Julius Assange about the facts that some of the scenes were untrue in the movie. All the hype, excitement, revolution , I was damn excited to watch this one but  have to say I’m not impressed by the story line and the film clearly lacked the connection with the audience, at times it seems as I was watching a fast paced documentary and every scene was too much edited. Bill Condon(Gods and Monsters, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn)  clearly missed the idea of how to showcase Assange to the common people, for all they know he leaked some classified documents to public that made him a terrorist to US . I don’t think Daniel berg was the correct choice, he just tries to hard to get emotions flowing into him and the end result is ineffective.

Benedict is exciting, dynamic, egotist, storyteller and he clearly did his homework studying assange’s way of speaking and retrospecting words, he was wonderful to watch.It started slow paced but indulges as u go to the chase ,CIA and the diplomats, the major leaks of war in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, the indifference between daniel and Julius were perfectly impulsive and at times emotional. The film is long and depicts only some of the major leaks and at times feels like a lecture.

The fifth estate is not the best of the films I have seen so far  but it isn’t the worst of the iconic blunders.Some of the dialogues were truly memorable.
Give it a watch !!




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