The Wolf is HOWLING


Funny, ferocious, Energetic, drugs, Sex, fresh ,different, exotic—- A full package of excitement and all round comedy. Martin Scorsese is back after a long time and with his favorite Leonardo,39 and this time it’s howling and howling off the charts. Based on the real life story of Jordan Belfort who profited millions from penny stocks and pink sheets and made a fortune of it. Jordan is earning a million a day when his competitors were trying to keep themselves with the economy, his talents of sales and marketing the penny stocks to the Americans and gaining 50% as commission was maverick at that period.The story line is perfect with some whips from the real  story of Jordan but who cares it scores completely, now a motivational speaker Jordan was more than happy about the success of the film.

Di caprio plays Jordan with ease, a charming motivator and the owner of Stratton Oakmont. He is passionate about greed , being the richest of all and no one can stop him even the low minded Americans who he razzle-dazzle like a charlatan  aimed at biking clients.He trains his employees to be him and then comes the crazy part the drugs , cocaine  , crazy parties , prostitutes, no doubt he’s an addict, humanity, respect ,fuck them.He’s gonna make people make the money.
Margot Robbie is as bold as beautiful and show as little as possible of herself to keep the crowd moving.

Then comes the FBI and the accusations and ratting out his fellow members ,the best part they didn’t try to cut it , the drugs the police, bust, they got the audience engaged till the end. It’s a must watch film and believe me not for kids.

Ratings :8/10

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